Monday, August 23, 2010

Naughty clips

Naughty clip from Jamdownproduction's Goldmine Entertainment division that carries gay movies and scenes

Wokkaman, known for his abilities to suck his own dick jacks off for you taken from a previous Jamdownproduction set of clips

Lumber jacks his fat bamboo at a remote location in Jamaica, a popular clip from Rudejam

a series of old clips from Rudejam and Jamdownproduction both sites are not visible in Jamaica anymore and as you may now know the originator of Rudejam was murdered earlier this year.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Locker Room Interracial Gay Fuck

When Chris Rockway finds Micah Brandt in a gym locker room it doesn’t take long before he’s got his face buried deep in Micah’s Sexy hole. But not before Micah gives Chris a Cock Sucking so intense he can hardly stand. Micah is looking so good these days. That sexy smooth black skin showing off every inch of his well defined body.

He’s an all American jock with a dirty secret. Micah may look innocent but he’s all about the Dick, and Chris is just the guy to deliver. Once Micah’s talented lips go down on Chris’ jock muscle stud body he can’t concentrate on anything but digging his tongue deep in Micah’s hungry Ass. Micah gets so into it that he’s practically begging for Rockyway’s Dick up his Ass. And when he gets it he lets the whole gym know.

Electrifying performances from both Micah and Chris, this one is not to be missed.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bareback sex and some issues

So anal sex not homosexuality is illegal under Jamaican law known as the Buggery Act but men non the less fuck each other when they can either in long term relationships or a quickie hook-up but bareback sex is also a real thing in our likkle country too.

Not only battyman practice fucking battyman as there are straight men who fuck their women in the ass so the law also covers that as well and is not limited to gays as some folks misinterpret it to mean.

We thought that this bareback phenomenon was a "white man" only ting especially in the early eighties of the explosive popularity of gay sex, well yuh wrong, there are faggots here who like it raw too and even as far as with "curry" present too in the ass as I found out with a guy some years ago. He asked if I showered before I said no then he said he likes it musky, so even in dis yah place yah we have "freaks" in gay circles.

The problem with our bareback ting as far as me see it is dat we don't have a culture of promoting douching, enemas or cleansing on a regular basis as our North American friends do in medical circles. Douches and enema kits are readily available in pharmacies and stores up north but here some guys literally use soft drink bottles with water in most instances to cleanse before a fuck or taking the wood.

The cartoon drawn in 2007 by Lasmay depicts the then Attorney General A. J. Nicholson dismissing the idea of decriminalizing the buggery law and he went further to suggest he and his Justice Ministry won't be supporting that and gay marriage anytime soon.

Reality check though boys still fucking no matter what whether he or the other homophobes want to say.

Even if the law is changed tomorrow weh de advocate dem deh fi a teach people bout cleaner safer sex and how fi clean up so dem nuh curry up people. Many men end up in spontaneous sexual encounters often times without a condom present as most hook-ups just happen and because we are not an open society man just deal wid dem ting anyway it comes so there will always be bareback fucking going on even in the age of prevention messages ringing out everywhere.

Bareback porn is very popular these days as shown in the latino clip above, even Jamaican gay porn has caught on as well

What also we must remember is that there are poorer battyman who can't negotiate safe sex when it comes down to fucking for money or a pair of jeans or sumting like dat so they go with whatever comes with the deal to get the benefits furthermore not all can actually buy and walk wid condoms too as they are literally broke and have to decide between condoms or food at the given time.

African American Porn star Breion eats Shorty J in the clip Breion's dorm

Analingus (eating ass or rimming) is also on the rise it seems just going by talking about it with other gays nuff man a request ass eatin or batty wash alongside a blowjob or other oral activity, so what is this new ting or was it always there but we just neva talk bout it as we do now as more man come out and confortable bout dem gay life and fuckin. Personally I like licking ass but of course it has to be clean, nuh funky shyt roun' ere but as mi seh above some man like the funk.

What we must all remember is that HIV has a better chance fi enter the bloodstream from cuts along the ass passage especially if the condom broke or there was no boots in the first place so mek sure seh when yah fuck yu cover up or get tested well before wid yuh partner so yuh know what is what and decide how you gwaan fuck.

Safer sex everytime.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

So yuh like bac yuh fiss (masturbation)

Jamaican men are known for not discussing this issue out in the open but nuff a wi know seh wi do it in the privacy of our homes or inna bush or sum weh, it is a fact men do jerk off, masturbate, bac dem fiss, jack off or whatever you want to call it. For many of us gay men we do it as an easy way to get release or as a substitute for penetration either because it's not convenient to go all the way at the time especially if is an outdoor scenario or just to get that quick nut before one get caught. Den yuh reserve the fuckin fi some oda time.
jamdownproductions clip image (site cannot be seen in Jamaica as it's blocked from local ISPs)

I believe that at some stage in any man's life we all have done some form of masturbatory activity either we fondle ourselves when we were young especially that first time when you saw it rise! before your eyes and wondering what is this? or it felt good when you touched it so you experimented with it and jack that stick till you popped or come as we seh.

Experts have said that one can become addicted to masturbation and finding oneself uncontrollably jerking off any chance one gets thus avoiding the all important person to person intimate contact which they say is important in psychological health. Personally I do masturbate frequently when it's possible usually as a measure when my boo is not around but many other guys I have spoken to about this issue over the years say they have. One friend I know religiously bac him fiss everyday him seh sometimes but he says he also balances it with sex with some partner as he is bisexual, he says he is scared of getting to doing it too often.

I had the experience one day after a heavy shower of rain in Kingston to see a homeless man who apparently got horny as we seh inna Jamaica when rain fall man tings get hard and he proceeded to relieve himself in full view of passers-by on the sidewalk much to some amusement but of course some male had to spoil the show by cussing that he muss move wid dat and even went as far as to seh he was a battyman showing him willy in public before other men. Such is the fear of anything that challenges manhood inna yaad. Manhood lol interesting play on words after a "man hood" mek manhood or define who we are, what a state we inna weh yuh penis and its size determine strength.

But more to come on dis as the blog ages.

Gwaan bac unu fiss ya sah man haffi leggo juice


Why this blog

This blog has come about after a search of names including or alluding to Battyman most of the results were negative hinting to violence and homophobic violence and no direct lifestyle discussions by turning the word into a positive meaning for us as gay men.

There were so many references to "Battyman Fi Dead" that the list count in the google search was more than 10,000.

The misconception that gay men or battyman are nothing more than paedophiles is so wrong but of course ignorance is the main reason for that.

This blog will cover almost everything it can about gay men in Jamaica and our lifestyle issues. Everything from sexual practices, HIV/AIDS, the subgroups within the Men who have sex with men structure to the latest suss, gossip and entertainment where it can be done.

Effeminate men are not to be outdone as ALL the groups will be covered in some way as they are our brothers too though tastes may differ.

We will examine also the chronic problem of down low lifestyles similar to those on Gay Jamaica Watch but in a more real sense. Clandestine, Situational homosexuality and Behavioural bisexuality are main reasons for our present set of homophobic woes that have not been properly addressed.

Xrated materials will also be shared as well on this no holes barred space.

Look out fi more.

Battyman to de werll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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