Monday, August 23, 2010

Naughty clips

Naughty clip from Jamdownproduction's Goldmine Entertainment division that carries gay movies and scenes


Wokkaman, known for his abilities to suck his own dick jacks off for you taken from a previous Jamdownproduction set of clips

Lumber jacks his fat bamboo at a remote location in Jamaica, a popular clip from Rudejam

a series of old clips from Rudejam and Jamdownproduction both sites are not visible in Jamaica anymore and as you may now know the originator of Rudejam was murdered earlier this year.


Matthew said...

Yow mi love yuh blog!! It sell off, keep up the good work bredda! Mi nuh sure if u accept requests but mi a leave one. U can upload some more goldmine ent. videos from Jamdown Production? Long time mi waan see dem video dem and cant view dem? U can get them inna full too?


GLBTQ Jamaica Linkup Mod said...

I will try as dem block from Jamaican IP addresses but I will ask the guy who runs it

Respect and enjoy


Matthew said...

Like the new pic dem but mi nuh see nuh new vids or clips?

Matthew said...

I know a way where u can get on Jamdownproductions & Rudejam. Hide ur IP address, I can tell u how but not here. Email me... and I'll tell u how if u interested. However, u have to sign up to view the videos, I can't help u there cause u have to pay to sign up. Maybe u can figure that part out. All i can do is get u on the site, so just email me.

the dude said...

love all that squirting jizzz;

sfbarefeet said...

My ass is getting wet thinking about all that big dick!!!

matthew said...

Dem video mad

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